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Internationale Spieltage
Essen is next week, several reviewers and bloggers put Captain Sonar and Inis on their top watch list of the convention. But more new games will make their debut at the Spiel’ 2016. Cyclades Monuments, Dice Stars, Millions and Barony Sorcery will be shown for the first time. Also, please take a look on our Takenoko Chibis Collector Edition offer, we don’t want you to miss this opportunity.
A word from the team :
The designer of Room 25, Francois Rouzé, was with us at GENCON, showing our upcoming new box for his game, Room 25 Ultimate. There is a special event coming in North-America for the Escape Room expansion. We will give more details after Essen, but we can already say BGG.CON will be a very good start for this event.


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