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Matagot club (version alpha)
Titre : Double Agent
Case : Board game + Cards + Pawns
ONLY IN FRENCH in the shop
Box - 152 x 107 x 30 mm
Prix de vente : 19.50 €

Double Agent

Save the world from the "MAT" A dark plot is threatening our civilization, and all secret agencies are on red alert. Everyone wants to be the one who neutralizes the plot, it’s every service for itself, if not every man for himself.

Each player is the head of a secret agency who controls six agents — or thinks he does, since both players think they control the same six agents. So, who can you really trust? To whom can you entrust the most secret files?

Contenu du jeu :

A board
6 influence counters
6 loyalty tokens
2 "+1 file" counters<1> 22 file cards

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