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Titre :  Cyclades Titans - Get ready to clash

Cyclades Titans - Get ready to clash

In the Cyclades archipelago, tension has reached a boiling point.
The conflict is now focused mainly on two large neighboring islands. With the help of the Gods, there are now 6 great cities of ancient Greece fighting for supremacy.
Now, more than ever, the war is raging. And on top of all that, Kronos decided to join the party, and with him comes a horde of Titans, ready to anihilate everything in their path…

At GenCon 2014 we’ officially presented the Titans extension for Cyclades. After the success of Cyclades, Matagot opened the gates of Tartarus to the titans. Titans expansion is released in September 2014 and we offer you to discover the key elements.

Up to 6 players. The Titans expansion allows for up to 6 players, and offers 2 game modes:
• From 3 to 5: competitive game. « Everyone for himself » just like in the base game.
The goal is still to have two Metropolises at the end of a cycle.
• With 4 or 6 players: team-play (with teams of two) – The goal of each team is to have three metropolises at the end of a cycle.
With 4 players, one can decide to play either competitive OR in teams.
With 6 players, the team-play is MANDATORY.


From now on, the game takes place on larger islands, divided into territories. Thus, unlike in the base game, players do not control islands, but different territories that are part of the same island.
Territories are therefore equivalent to islands in the base game.
They also show spaces for placing buildings as well as prosperity markers that provide revenue.
Mythological Creatures whose effects applied to an island in the base game now apply to a territory.
Moving troops from one territory to an adjacent territory can be done by using the movement action of Ares (as well as the one from the Titans, as explained later).

Note: some of the sea commerce spaces now hold 2 prosperity markers.


"Size does matter!" Top Kronos
The father of the Titans is not happy...

A free bonus The player gets a free building of his choice among those offered by the Gods located above him on the Offerings board.
Thus, the closer Kronos is to Apollo, the larger the choice of buildings will be!
If Kronos occupies the first place on the Offerings board, the player gets a free Titan instead of a building. !!!

Recruitment The player can spend 2 GP to purchase a Titan.
Only one purchase may be made per turn. You can purchase one Titan even if you received one as a free bonus this turn.
A player cannot control more than 3 Titans on the board.

"One Titan, one the road again"
In a battle, a Titan counts as one troop. It must be placed on a territory belonging to the player, exactly like a troop obtained with Ares.
A player who has obtained the favors of Ares can move his Titans like normal troops.
However, Titans allow for a new way to move troops, without having to obtain the favors of Ares!

"I got the power !!!" Divine artefacts
This expansion adds a new element to the game: divine artifacts.
They are represented by cards that are added to the Mythological Creatures deck, and by figurines that will be placed on the board later.
Finally, a new way of winning the game appears:
A player or a team owning all five Artifacts at a given time, wins the game IMMEDIATELY! (players do not finish the current cycle).

For team-play, the 5 Artifacts can be owned by different teammates.

City, sweet city" Special Metropolises There are 5 Special Metropolis cards in this expansion. At the start of the game, randomly draw two of them and place them face-up on the corresponding spaces in the corners of the board. The other three will not be used during this game.

Ther is more action in this "titanic" expansion with an enhanced role for metropolises. The stars Titans will play a key role in battles on cyclades;

More info soon on Facebook.

Contenu du jeu :

PRELIMINARY NOTES : In order to play the Titans expansion, you need to have the Cyclades base game.
This expansion offers new modules that are designed to be played together. Of course, you can also add one or moreturn!

On this expansion
1 new double-sided game board (3/4 players and 5/6 players).
1 new Offerings board
1 large God tile: Kronos
5 Divine Artifact figurines + 5 corresponding cards
5 Special Metropolis cards tiles + 5 corresponding cards
7 prosperity markers
1 rulebook

Components for a 6th player 2 offering tokens
8 Fleets
6 territory markers
8 troops
1 screen
3 Titans
For each of the other 5 colors ::
3 territory markers
3 Titans


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