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Titre : Expedition Altiplano V2

Box - 152 x 107 x 30 mm
Prix de vente : 19.90 €

Expedition Altiplano V2

1936, in the Valley of Vilcamayu Two rival expeditions are looking for the fabulous treasures of the Inca. In the heart of the sacred valley, archaeologists, raiders, guides and desperados are hoping to grab their share of wealth or glory. There are multiple dangers along the way. While the sun gently dissipates the morning mist, the jaguar is lurking, a storm is rising and the enemy hides in the brush...

It’s a good day for adventure!

Contenu du jeu :

1 Central game board
2 Individual boards (Camps)
17 Character cards
34 Exploration cards: 22 Action, 4 Reaction, 5 Location and 3 Treasure
2 Special cards: The Adventurer and The Rogue
2 Player help cards: Player’s Turn
1 Rulebook

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