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Titre : Felinia
Double-sided Game Board + wooden pawns + tiles + cards + 3D Ships
332 x 228 x 75 mm
Prix de vente : 29.90 €


Gold! Spices! Felinia is a mysterious continent, full of exotic riches! It‘s up to you to establish profitable trading posts, but beware: the competition is stiff.

Alone or with a partner, hire a ship, fill its hulls full of refined merchandise, and set off to make yourself a fortune.

Felinia is a game by Michael Schacht (Zooloretto, Valdora). For 2 to 4 players, it is extremely interactive. It blends an original bidding system with clever movement rules. Two game boards allow for varying difficulty. Felinia is fascinating and addictive, for players new to games as well as confirmed masters.

Contenu du jeu :

1 Double-sided Game Board
4 Player Boards
4 3D Ships
40 Traders
Wooden pawns: 4 Markers, 12 Bid Tokens
45 Merchandise, 30 Trade, 8 Special, 5 Bonus, 20 Ships
55 Cards
1 Bag
1 Rule booklet
Prix de vente :
29.90 €
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