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Titre :  The sacred spear

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The sacred spear

To receive the bonus "Sacred Spear" for the game Giants, thank you to write:

Matagot Service
Yann Bartelheimer
96 rue de Miromesnil
75008 Paris

enclosing a stamped letter to 20-50g price, denominated in your name and address.

You can also add bonus "Holy Lance" to your cart already contains other items in the online store.

Description of the Sacred Lance Design: Cyberfab

Symbol of supremacy and power, the sacred spear belonged to no clan. However, each leader could take ownership once in his life, for a whole year to enjoy its powerful aura.

Installation At the beginning of the game each player has a token "Sacred Spear "he puts on the location of his color on the " Sacred Spear" card.

Usage: During the phase 3 (Pose pawns), a player may, at the same time, claim the power of the Sacred Spear
. He moves his token from the location with his own color to the location at the top of the sacred Lance card. No other player may use the sacred spear throughout the round.
The effect of the spear is the following: when the transport phase, the player can use the other players spawns without they earn points
. At the end of the round (phase 5), the token is removed from play The player can no longer claim the Sacred Spear during the rest of the game .

Note: The bonus Sacred spear is sent automatically with the purchase of the game Giants in our shop.


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