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Titre : "Goodies" Pack


"Goodies" Pack

The bag of goodies of Matagot contains a first goodie:
- Matagot: the 100% cotton embroidered bag from our treasure chest:

Inside, you can choose 3 different goodies among :
- Barony: the 4 storage bags
- Cyclades-Titans : the 4 storage bags
- Korrigans : the etched pawns and their nice embroidered bag
- Cyclades-Hades : the Kit Hecate,
- Dice Town : Sheriff’s star, to enforce law and order
- Shadow Hunters (only in french) : the mini-extension "personnages alternatifs" with a complete set of new characters to renew the game.
- Khronos : Figurines et linen cards
- River Dragons : The First Player wooden marker
- Cyclades : A leather purse containing 6 colored dice

And other goodies soon join this selection to give you even more choices!

Contenu du jeu :

- Cyclades : The wooden pawns, With this goodie, you start the game with the wooden pawns of the very first version of Cyclades to replace your plastic figurine

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