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Titre : Khronos

Box - 396 x 276 x 79 mm
Prix de vente : 45.00 €


A major challenge throughout the ages.

« My dear lords,

It is such a simple matter, that of assembling a few gears and springs in such a manner that on can measure time. Yet it is so difficult to anticipate exactly the future action of the mechanism would it be for a mere seconds. today, I’m proud to announce our guild has discovered the secret of travelling in time ! Thanks to our fabulous invention, you are now masters of time. Your present adversaries are about to become your past victimes » Arlud - Master Clocksmith

In KHRONOS, each player incarnates a powerful lord and his faithful sidekick in a quest for dominance throughout time itself. You play simultaneously during three different epocs in a race to cover yourself with glory and wealth. Beware of your adversaries. They have numerous ways to counter your plans. What was true tomorrow might no longer make a difference yesterday. the game mechanism in KHRONOS rewrite the laws of time itself.

Contenu du jeu :

1 game board presenting a single region during three different time periods
155 buildings tiles (military, religious and civil)
10 adventurers pawns in 5 colors
125 cubes of Control
60 treasure coins | 33 building cards

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