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Titre : Make Mom’s Day with a Game

Make Mom’s Day with a Game

Mother’s Day is May 8th: only a few weeks away! While we’re sure that most of you have already planned everything—the three-course dinner, the hot stone massage, the hourly deliveries of roses—there’s just one thing missing to make your mom’s day absolutely perfect. How about a board game with your mom this Mother’s Day?

Today, we’ll take a look at a game that you can play with your mom and other family members, either on Mother’s Day or all year-round.

Tending an Adorable Panda

If your mother likes gardening and caring for small, cute creatures, one of the best games to look at is Takenoko. This game puts two to four players in charge of the Japanese Emperor’s gardens. Your goal is to add new plots and create the most beautiful and peaceful garden, even as you irrigate patches of garden and grow massive stalks of bamboo. Of course, it’s not quite that easy.

Complicating your task is the fact that the Emperor has recently received a panda as a gesture of goodwill from the ruler of China. The panda has the run of the royal gardens, and you can also gain points by feeding the panda all the bamboo he can eat. With easy-to-learn rules, beautiful wooden pieces, and adorable plastic figures, Takenoko is sure to be a hit with mom this Mother’s Day!


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