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Titre : Nefertiti - The Expansion

Prix de vente : 14.90 €

Expansion 1
Nefertiti - The Expansion

More gifts for the Queen Nefertiti

Trade with foreign merchants at the Port of Memphis to buy ever more original and rare gifts to please the queen Nefertiti, and ensure you a prominent place in the palace of ’Akhet-Aten.

New characters, a new market (the port of Memphis), a new type of gifts, additional pawns ... this expansion for the game NEFERTITI greatly enriches the game, allowing 2 to 6 players to play.

Contenu du jeu :

7 new characters
1 new market: The Port of Memphis, and the foreign gifts
Rules for 2 and 5 players (and the spawns / associated maps)

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