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Titre : Room-25 Escape Room

Room-25 Escape Room

The Room-25 Room Escape Live was a huge success, a big thank you to Gabriel Durnerin and Guilaine Didier, who prepared especially for the convention a special Escape Room event with Room-25 by the designer Francois Rouzé as the background.

Many thanks to all our participants and congratulations to all the winning teams who, by their wits and their quick and precise actions, were able to liberate the poor victim of a very inglorious end.

For statistics lovers, the success rate was 56% on a total of 60 games and near 300 participants. The best time was 00: 11: 17, leaving 3’43’’ on the clock.

With this success, the Matagot team has no choice but to continue the adventure, and we will work to expose this event elsewhere. Hope to see you and test your skills, do you have what it takes to beat our champions?

More pictures available on our Facebook page: ROOM-25 event pictures


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