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Titre : One Step Ahead: Kemet

One Step Ahead: Kemet

Part One of a Closer Look at the Strategy of Kemet

Welcome to One Step Ahead, a series of in-depth strategy articles for games throughout the Asmodee collection! In each one, we’ll take a look at some of the tricks and tactics you can use to get ahead in these games. For our inaugural article, we’ll return to the mythic gods and ancient Egyptian battles of Kemet.

Learning from the Pharaohs

In case you’re not familiar with Kemet, there’s just one key thing to know—it is a game of battles. You and up to four other players play as the gods of an ancient, mythological Egypt, and each of you is struggling to subjugate your opponents and claim supremacy over the lands around the Nile. To accomplish your goals, you’ll recruit troops and send them out to ravage the land, attacking enemy armies and conquering temples. Along the way, you’ll improve your forces by purchasing new powers and summoning mighty creatures like the Sphinx, the Mummy, or the Giant Scorpion to fight at your side.

As you lead your troops to victory, there are several key tactics that you should keep in mind. We’ll cover those in today’s One Step Ahead article!

Press the Attack…

There are plenty of ways to earn victory points in Kemet. You can earn temporary victory points by controlling temples or raising one of your pyramids to its highest level, or you can earn permanent victory points by gaining power tiles, controlling two temples at the end of a day, sacrificing your units in the Sanctuary of All Gods, or by winning a battle as the attacker.

Of these methods, by far the easiest to achieve is to win battles as the attacker. So long as you initiated the fight, won the battle, and have at least one unit left standing when the fighting ends, you’ll earn a permanent victory point—which brings you significantly closer to victory, since you only need ten points to win. In almost every circumstance, moving forward and launching attacks will bring you closer to victory than hanging back and building up your forces. If you can target your attacks on enemy-controlled temples and pick up a few more points that way, so much the better!

In fact, if you’re planning on specializing in attack, you could do no better than to take advantage of the red power tiles—most of which significantly strengthen your martial prowess. At just the first level, you can purchase Charge!, which raises your strength in any battle, so long as you’re attacking. You’ll also find Stargate and God Speed at the same level, both of which help your troops move around the board by reducing the cost of teleportation and increasing your troops’ movement. Once you advance further into the red power tiles, you’ll be able to increase your damage with Carnage, boost your strength higher with Blades of Neith and Divine Wound, or even destroy enemy units before the battle begins with Initiative.

As far as targets for your attacks ago, one of the most powerful areas in the game is the Nile delta at the top of the board. There, you’ll find the game’s most powerful temple, which offers five prayer points and a temporary victory point, so long as you’re willing to sacrifice one of your units. You may also find (in a three or five player game) the Sanctuary of All Gods—a powerful edifice that grants you permanent victory points when you sacrifice your units there. The Nile delta has plenty to offer, but you must be cautious. Because you’re sacrificing your units there, you’ll be weakening your troops turn after turn—making it more and more likely that an opponent can teleport in and destroy your weakened forces. You may choose instead to use the Nile delta as a tempting target for your foes, only striking after they’ve moved into your trap.

Let the Battle Begin

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our first article of One Step Ahead, and learned a few things about strategy in Kemet. Come back soon for a second article focused on Kemet, and look for One Step Ahead articles about different games in the future!


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