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Titre : Origin
+ the goodies "tracker die"
Box - 332 x 228 x 75 mm
Prix de vente : 36.90 €


Be witness to the birth of humanity
In Origin, live the greatest adventure of all time : Mankind’s expansion. Starting in africa, the world ’s cradle, explore the entire planet, improve your knowledge and progress on the evolution scale.

Score the highest number of points by completing objectives, hunting, controlling straits or developing knowledge.

Contenu du jeu :

1 Main board
1 Rewards borad
36 tribe pawns
36 villages
30 Innovation tiles
6 Hunting tokens
11 Strait tokens
48 cards
14 Action (yellow)
14 Permanent (orange)
20 Objective (purple)
Prix de vente :
36.90 €
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