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Titre : Room 25 New edition
+ goodies "Audience dice"
Box - 172 x 230 x 46,50 mm
Prix de vente : 32.00 €

Room 25 New edition

Your time is running out ... In the near future, a reality TV show called Room 25 goes beyond the limits of good taste in an effort to increase rat- ings and shock viewers. Candidates are enclosed in a Com- plex of 25 rooms, with unexpected and dangerous effects. They will have to trust each other and work together to find Room 25 and escape together quickly. Sometimes, guards infiltrate the prisoners and try to prevent them from escaping by any means necessary ...

Room 25 is an original game created by François Rouzé, inspired by science fiction cinema especially Cube, Tron, and Running Man. The figurines are liberally inspired by movies of the genre.


Contenu du jeu :

6 pawns
32 room tiles
24 action tokens
1 reversible board
6 turn markers
6 role tiles
6 character sheets and 12 markers.
Prix de vente :
32.00 €
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