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Titre : Takenoko CE and Chibis CE preorders

Takenoko CE and Chibis CE preorders

The Collector Edition of Takenoko is back in the US along with the brand new Chibis expansion ! Here’s your chance to take your experience to a whole new level with oversized pieces of astonishing quality : highly detailed statues and colossal wood bamboos for some truly amazing panda-feeding fun !

And for the first time, Chibis also goes big to enjoy all the fun, cuteness and challenge of the new expansion ! This upscale edition of the game will only be available through online preorder till October so seize your chance to make the Emperor’s garden come alive on your gaming table ! So go ahead and get yourself that crateful of bamboo and that gigantic (but sooooo adorable) Miss Panda ! Here’s the link to the page, if you live in the US and are interested in giving your huge Panda a family !

Takenoko CE and Takenoko Chibis CE preorder !

Do feel free to ask us anything through email or Facebook for any information about the products, the campaign or just general tips for growing your own bamboo garden..


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