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Titre : Takenoko: Chibis Contest! Ends Aug. 23rd!

Takenoko: Chibis Contest! Ends Aug. 23rd!

The Collector Edition of Takenoko is back in the US along with its brand new expansion! Take your experience to a whole new level with oversized pieces of astonishing quality ! Highly detailed statues and colossal wood bamboos for some truly amazing bamboo-growing and panda-feeding fun!

In Takenoko, the players share the difficult task of caring for the Emperor’s panda while tending to his bamboo garden. Throughout the game, they will cultivate land plots, irrigate them to grow bamboo and simultaneously bear with the immoderate hunger of the sacred animal!

In Takenoko: Chibis, your lonely Panda gets some company and the opportunity to start a family, with the Miss Panda miniature and the Baby Panda tokens. New strategic challenges arise for the gardeners with exclusive Objective cards and Plot tiles such as the Sacred Hills and Kamis Garden!

You’ll find answers to part of our questions on the Takenoko BGG listing. For others, you might have to do a little research or even check out the rule book. Two lucky winners will receive a finely crafted wooden crate containing all the components of the Chibis expansion. Four other winners will receive an alternative version of the Panda statue carrying an umbrella. This beautiful 5 ½ inch statue perfectly captures the spirit of the original game box.

All these (and even the base game) will soon be available for purchase in the US for a limited time. Do not miss this unique occasion to acquire a rare upscale edition of a great game!

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