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Titre : The Matagot Team

The Matagot Team

On the front line, testing prototypes, we have Mathieu who can be reached at He takes care of finding the hidden gems that will eventually be published. Gatekeeper of the novels section is Mathilde who takes care of reading the future Matagot branded novels. You can contact her at Finally the Guardian of the Role-Playing secret door into the realm of Matagot is Hicham himself.

As always, the editorial line is kept by Hicham with the help of Arnaud.

Since 2009, the production is the result of an often explosive encounter between Hicham, Arnaud and Celine. Without this exclusive recipe ... no pink bamboo shots in Takenoko !

Communication is in the hand a dynamic duo from Switzerland: Sabrina and Fabien who monitor and answer or transfer all questions and comments received, relentlessly reminding all of us not to leave a message unattended !

Like our passion, your games need to be intact. Yann covers our backs with He handles the after-sales service and the distribution of free of charge goodies. But because he’s responsive and organized, he also will often travel and take care of the logistics of Matagot.

To reach the most remote areas (France to begin with and later on - maybe - the world !) and allow everyone to get the coveted goodies, Caroline manages, ships as quickly as possible the precious packages, and answers questions with the help of the whole team and especially Daniel: tester, table demonstrator, but also heavy packages handler.

And finally the man in the shadow, the right arm of Hicham, quietly pulling the strings, the person who touches at a little bit of everything and excels in management tasks (i.e. delegating to others): Arnaud.

Said like this, it seems like a large organization ! Most of us are here by passion, friendship and love, we are often only available outside business hours ... Be forgiving if we are late answering your questions and enjoy our games and our books!


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