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Titre : The evolution of the pawn

The evolution of the pawn

Hello, my name is MING. I am a very nice and red piece of wood and despite my Vietnamese origins i’m born in France in 2000 from JEUXDESCARTES. This is Roberto who had the idea to call me and my friends to be part of the great game LES DRAGONS DU MEKONG. During all these years, it was very funny to cross the Mekong, but like everyone else, we get older and older...
In 2011, I was adopted by a very dynamic family, The Matagot. They immediately wanted to make me and my friends more exotic, more alive ... look at the photo of the beautiful young Vietnamese who inspired them.

I immediately said yes, BUT i wanted be dressed like a boy!

At first, this is what they thought. It was very nice, but maybe a bit too complicated?

Matagot then had the brilliant idea to call Piero, one of the greatest pawn designers.

This is his first sketch for "Women" pawns. I must admit, DRAGONS DU MEKONG was a too "macho" game because there were only male pawns !

Finally Piero and Matagot preferred this shape of tunic. I find it very pleasant

That’s what my friend Piero designed to dress all the "Male" pawns. It immediately gives a much more ethnic, exotic and friendly stylish look ...

Finally, I love it!

Piero then set the color. With Matagot we wanted different colors from those of my first family (DRAGONS DU MEKONG).

So I have the honor to present Miss PONG, my first girlfriend

Her friend Miss PUNG arrived then all dressed in pink. Not bad, right?
Then there is the green and pretty Miss PING who joined her friends. It’s hard to choose among them.
Piero then added lots of flowers on the Miss PONG’s tunic and those of her friends. And suddenly, I fell in love ...
And this is what I look like now. I became Blue, and I feel very beautiful, thanks to the talent of Piero. I’m glad to be part of my new family Matagot.
This is my friend, the jovial and hardworking MONG the Yellow One.
And dark and discreet MUNG the black.
But to be able to cross the Mekong on narrow boards, we missed the 3rd dimension.

And"daddy" MATAGOT gave us some thickness, a small hat and even dark hair.

But we lacked volume and curves. And with all our equipment, we fall into the water.

And I hate to fell me feet tickled by catfish, so I asked Dad Matagot to find a solution.

This is when we adopted our new round shape. I love it. We just had some problems of skids by arriving at the village, but we found quickly a solution.
We had to do a lot of stability tests on different board sizes, different thicknesses of stones, different paints, and ... PHEW! ... I’m glad it’s over.
To study our future haircut, they sent us to a great hair designer in China.
With the help from Piero, it was our first attempts at painting. I was not very satisfied with my hair.
Then someone had the idea to add us two arms (it is convenient to carry boards). But they were both a bit skinny ...
And with a little weight, that’s what we became, not bad, right?

The only thing that bothers me is that women have the same muscles as we do. They will also have to wear plates.

Dad Matagot is very attentive, he even checked the color matching with those of Piero, because everything had to be perfect.

Besides, we had to do some testing of paint, but finally Miss PUNG was very happy with the result.

Finally, I am very satisfied, happy and excited to be part of the family Matagot with all my friends.

I even crossed Pandas, Gardeners working at sunrise, cowboys and even gods!

So now, I am very proud to introduce my friends Pawns, such as you find in a RIVER DRAGONS box , from left to right, Miss PONG, PUNG and PING, and mister MONG, MUNG and myself , MING.

Someone told me, I could find myself in the box side by side of a mischievous dragon !!!


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