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Titre : The new website is now online!

The new website is now online!

Matagot web site originally only available in French has been offline for a few months. Indeed, the new site was being shaped, tested and improved. More than just a facelift, this is a project that is ambitious, rich, practical and of course multilingual ! We hope to have succeeded, and now it’s up to you to judge!

The site is organized around our three core activities: Board game, role-playing Games and Novels (Only published in French so far).The aim is to create more synergy and hope that curiosity of those who trust us will let them to discover more of these activities.

Our Flagship

Now, our website will be the heart of our exclusive internet presence. This may seem obvious, but beforehand Matagot had more than a dozen dedicated sites, some multilingual some not and mostly without links between them.
These sites will be short or medium term integrated to the main site, without loss of content. Indeed, as you can see surfing the new website the product pages are now designed to be mini-sites. They can be enriched at will, either with topical articles, bonuses, interviews or advices.
Regular updates will indicate new content posted, hoping that some will interest you, attract you or surprise you.

Ergonomics and fluidity

Despite the rich content of the new site, we wanted to keep the greatest simplicity. From the summary, it is possible to directly access all of our products. And the different parts are clearly visible:

News: Somewhere between a news page and a blog, this part will receive more and more additions, whether through news articles, special reviews or interviews.

Catalogue: Simple, complete, he has a page on all products Matagot.

Matagot Connection: This is the central tool of partnership with Matagot stores and associations, to enjoy the game demos. Players can also discover the shops or partner organizations in their region.

Service: All procedures in case of trouble with a game, or to receive the free of charge promotional bonuses.

Professionals and Press: All questions by shops, associations, festivals, authors, and access to our exclusive media section.

Shop: the shop is now a separate unit, much richer, and gives access to special offers and exclusive bonuses.

An evolving site

Of course even after months of work the website is far from perfect, and our aim is continuous improvement, especially in this early phase. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Feel free to let us know at


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