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Titre : The (other) Cannes Festival

The (other) Cannes Festival

For the sixth year in a row, Matagot took part in the Cannes games festival. A special year for us all with the consecration of Takenoko, winning the As d’Or, game of the year in France. This year was Yann’s first participation to the festival. Here is his short report:

"Cannes 2012. My first Cannes Festival shot off at top speed ! We had barely gotten out of the train that we were already in the reception room applauding Takenoko, winner the As d’Or, game of the year. Either I am a lucky charm or it is a good game!

The next morning, we started on a 72 hours long marathon of madness under the sunny blue sky of Cannes, which we will not see at all (except when briefly going out to buy sandwiches) because we are all too busy to explain the rules of Takenoko, Cyclades, Shadow Hunters, Takenoko, Dice Town, Felinia and more Takenoko.

After a small dinner in a restaurant, we are headed to the "off". This time we are here to play games, not to explain them... Testing some new prototypes. Testing prototypes that will soon be published by Matagot in order to refine the rules and it is already time to go to bed, relatively early, at around 3am in order to be "fresh" when waking up at 8am ... And here we go again!

In the end, a lot of rules explanations to very nice players, an early shortage of Takenoko already on Saturday afternoon, the first meeting with some members of the Matagot team, a lot of fun, and to tell the truth, utter exhaustion ! I can’t wait for next year !


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