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Titre : Ultimate Warriorz
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295 x 295 x 50 mm
Prix de vente : 27.00 €

Ultimate Warriorz

It’s time for the great Tribal Rumble! This ritual battle takes place in the sacred arena and the best Warriorz from all the different tribes, clans and races are gathered.

There will only be one winner to be named chief of the legendary End of the World Island.

The one, the only, the Ultimate Warrior!

Victory in this battle will require expert timing! Use your secret technique at the right moment, take advantage of your magical items to do the most damage and above all else avoid your opponents’ attack!

Contenu du jeu :

• 8 Ultimate Warriorz characters
• 8 Warriorz sheets
• 64 Action cards
• 74 Life points/Popularity points tokens
• 1 Skull token for Baobab
• 2 Electroshock tokens for Burdock
• 8 Lucky Charm tokens
• 4 wall pieces with columns
• 1 rounds trail and 1 rounds counter
• 6 dice
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