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Matagot club (version alpha) Boutique
Titre : Utopia
board + figurines + pawns + cards
Box - 396 x 276 x 79 mm
Prix de vente : 44.90 €


The king of Utopia has invited princes of the greatest civilizations of antiquity to come and live within the walls of his city, welcoming in doing so, the architectural wealth of their far-away cities. As the King’s Minister, your Sovereign has given you the mission to welcome and accompany these princes and princesses who will present themselves at the gates of the city. Every development added to the city made by your guests increases your prestige.

Object of the Game: The first player to obtain or pass 50 prestige points brings the game to an end, and the player having accumulated the most points is declared the winner.

Contenu du jeu :

The board is made up of 24 Districts spread out unevenly over 4 islands.
40 Monument Figures: 8 for each of the 5 civilizations (Mayan, Persian, Egyptian, Greek and Chinese).
4 Wonder Figures
5 Minister Figure
200 Prince Tokens
40 Bases
10 Privilege tokens
40 Guest tokens
5 Rule Summary Cards 50 Action Cards
1 rulebook
1 Bag

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