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Titre : Zombies vs Cheerleaders
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Box - 107 x 152 x 35 mm
Prix de vente : 11.90 €

Zombies vs Cheerleaders

Zombies VS Cheerleaders est un jeu malin et fun pour deux joueurs. Selon votre camp, l’expérience est radicalement différente ! Avec 3 modes de jeu pour varier les désirs et la durée de partie.

You are the zombies: You are many and you succeed to invade one university . Almost... because 6 cheeleaders still resists. If you neutralize one of them, nothing and no one will stop you!

You are the cheerleaders: Every weapons are good to struggle again a zombies horde, save your skin and eradicate the threat. The humanuty’s future in on your hands!

Zombies VS Cheerleaders is a smart and fun game for 2 players. The game experience is completely different according to your side! With 3 game modes to change the game length.

Contenu du jeu :

• 30 Zombies cards
• 6 Cheerleaders cards
• 12 Barricades cards
• 4 Markers cards
• 1 Prom Queen card
• 26 Energies tokens
• 6 Teacher tokens
• 6 Teacher stickers

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