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    The figurine inspired by the Panda drawn on the game box Takenoko. Height: approx. 14 cm. Base diameter: approx. 12 cm.

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    At the Japanese Imperial court, a long long time ago...

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    Well done gardener, you have splendidly performed your duties by taking care of the imperial panda. As a reward, the Chinese emperor hands you over a second animal’s care and not just any one! You will need to try twice as hard to take care of the couple… and also their babies!

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  • 89,00 € In Stock

    Here is the version of Takenoko Collector Chibis To play with the collector version of Takenoko the basic game

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  • 180,00 € In Stock

    This is the giant version of the famous TAKENOKO

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items