Room 25 VIP

A GAME BY : François Rouzé

ILLUSTRATED BY : Camille Durand-Kriegel Daniel Balage

  • 10+

  • 1-8

  • 30'

The most dangerous TV show ever comes back with a new gameplay.
A Very Important Person is coming to upset everything. As with the suspicion mode in the Ultimate expansion, the VIP is part of the team of prisoners ; he is revealed after the roles distribution.
Forced to move, the VIP does not program his actions, thus becoming a dangerous and subtle player.
Offering 5 new exclusive rooms, this audacious extension for Room 25 is waiting for you to honor its VIP.

Tehnical data

  • Size: 127 x 177 x 37 mm
  • Games per pallet: tbc
  • Box: tbc
  • Game weight: tbc
  • Games per box: tbc
  • Box weight: tbc
  • Made in China
  • Versions: tbc


• 40 Room 25 sleeves
• 1 VIP coin
• 5 Room tiles
• 2 rooms to cut