Captain SONAR: get ready for the new expansion Operation Dragon

01 ian 1970

Long-awaited by a community of passionate players, the new expansion of Captain SONAR, Operation Dragon, will be released Friday, April 5th. This expansion includes a wealth of new material for a more immersive gameplay: advanced scenarios, expert characters and different positions will open a brand new world of possibilities.



Let Operation Dragon begin!

Captain SONAR has already proven itself by offering a team game inspired by classic naval combat. In order to offer a richer and more immersive experience, Matagot Editions presents the new Operation Dragon expansion. It will allow players who have already experienced the base game, and the first expansion, to discover new horizons and a new approach to the game, with these exciting features:

  • new scenarios
  • the Custom Pack toolbox, which allows you to vary the game and the gameplay with the brand new "Armada" Mode
  • new positions with 4 new Mecano cards and 4 new cards from Second
  • expert characters with exclusive abilities


Captain SONAR, a naval team game

With speed and a very immersive universe, Captain SONAR allows 2 teams, consisting of 1 to 4 players, to defy each other and to torpedo the enemy submarine. But first you have to locate it. Captain, Second, Detector and Mechanic will have to communicate and unite their skills in order to become the unsinkable submarine!


Captain SONAR International Championship: a challenge

The international championship of Captain SONAR rallied fans immediately when it was launched last February at the International Game Festival in Cannes. Matagot helps to organize the championship via its website and social networks, and teams compete in matches organized at festivals, conventions or even game nights. The Matagot team supports organizers to assist them in the implementation of these different challenges, and ensure that scores are updated regulary. A Facebook groupis open, to promote communication between teams.