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Attrape Renard

Prepare festive season with Matagot !

16 oct 2018

Festive Season is really soon now, and you arleady wondering what you can gift to kids, family and friends. Fortunately, Matagot is there, with a wide choice of news games from our Family and Kids line !


Sonar Family – 2 to 4 players – 30 minutes


Sonar Family is a new way to play Captain Sonar ! Now you can play as two crews of one to two members, et your task will be to blast the opposite submarine out of the water !


To do this, each player will assume a role (or two if you play 1v1). The first role is the Captain. At each action, he gives the direction in which his submarine moves, and reports it on the map in front of him. However, a submarine can never croos his own path, nor go through an island. For each movement, he gathers energy. When he has enough, instead of moving, he can use a system of his submarine, like the sonar, the silent mode.. or launch a missile in his area ! Because touch your opponent twice, and you win !


The detector takes note of the opponent’s moves and try to locate him by using a transparent film he can displace on his map.


And of course, the two modes of the game (turn by turn or simultaneous) are still there !


With his 4 smaller maps, his new energy system, the new way of shooting, Sonar Family takes the recipe of his elder and gives you a new tactical dimension, as rich as ever but in a whole new way !





Meeple Circus Wild Animals and Aerial Show - 2 to 5 players – 60 minutes


Meeple Circus welcomes his first expansion, Wild Animals & Aerial Show. Meet the Lion and the Bear, realize incredible tricks with the tightrope or the highflyer, achieve new challenges and try the harder difficulty mode, for skilled players ! The box also contains a full set of stickers for all guests and animals, including those of the base game !





Rouleboule l’escargot – 2 to 4 players – 15 minutes


The snail is attracted by these superb salads. But the scarecrow is there, guarding his garden. This won’t prevent our friend to feast upon the lettuces !


In Rouleboule l’escargot, a Kid game from 4 years old, you have to make a « shell » roll in the garden, making salads of your colour fall to collect them. But be careful, because if you make salads from your opponents fall, they’ll get it, and if you make the scarecrow fall, nobody earns a salad.


When a player gets 8 salads of his colour, he wins !


Fast and funny, Rouleboule l’Escargot is furthermore a good game to learn colours and numbers.







Attrape Renard – 2 à 4 joueurs – 15 minutes


The rooster Romeo is furious ! A fox stole his precious hen and he now hides in his lair, among his fellows. Find him before he eats the poor animal…


In Attrape Renard, a game for kids since 5 years old, you have to use a key attached to a chain to open doors. Each door reveals one suspect you can get, but sometimes they reveal one of the four animals that can help you. And each door can force you to suffer a trick, like playing with your off-hand or closing an eye !


The game also allows younger children to have more time to open the doors.


Once the four animals are collected, every one of them gives you a clue, leading to clear several suspects. The only one remaining is the thief, and the player who found him wins !


Kids and their parents will be able to lead this investigation in a way that is especially rewarding for kids, and funny for parents !