Aeon's End

Releases for August 2018

26 iul 2018

August will be kid’s month for Matagot, with two new releases to please youngsters this summer… and you too ! And for players starving for epic adventures or puzzles, be reassured, you won’t be forgotten !


Our first release will be Rouleboule l’escargot, where a malicious snail tries to enter the peasant’s garden to steal salads ! With a ramp, you’ll have to launch the snail into the garden seeking the best path to get your salads without touching other players”ones nor the scarecrow !


A dexterity game for all ages !


Rouleboule l’escargot requires 2 to 4 players for nearly 15 minutes.



Attrape-Renard lets you incarnate Romeo, the rooster of the farm, seeking which mean fox stole his  hens ! The fox is hidden in his lair, surrounded by his kind. Turn after turn, you’ll have to open the doors of the lair as fast as possible, collecting suspects, clues… or treats ! When 4 clues are collected, game is over and you’ll have to absolve suspects one after another until only one remains : the culprit ! The player who has found the good fox wins !


Attrape-Renard requires 2 to 4 players for nearly 15 minutes.




Another kind of game with Seikatsu !


In Seikatsu, you'll try to make a zen garden as beautiful as possible. To this purpose, you'll have to, each turn, set a tile on an open space adjacent to at least one occupied space. Then you'll score one point for each identical bird on tiles next to yours, considering each tile include a bird. Not only a bird, but flowers around it. What for ?


At the end of the game, you'll score on 7 lines of the common board you previously filled with tiles. For each of these lines, you'll have to determine which kind of flower is more represented on this line. The bigger the group is, the more points you score, considering only the biggest group will prevail on each line.


Alluring and relaxing with his cute aesthetic, Seikatstu is an engaging kind of puzzle game in which you'll have to play your tile for the best immediate scoring, the best scoring at the end of the game... and not to gift your opponents with a too good tile !


Seikatsu is available, and you can play it from 2 to 4 in 15 minutes.




Last but not least, Aeon’s End will land at the end of August ! In this cooperative deckbuilding game, you and your friends will play as mages defending the last human city, Gravehold, against the terrible Nemesis, huge and powerful monsters. As in any deckbuilder, you’ll have to upgrade your deck by buying cards more and more powerful and getting rid of cards who became too weak. But there are no more likenesses with a classical deckbuilder.


First, turn order is driven by cards, thus random. The creature will act twice, and you once or twice depending on the number of players. You’ll never know who will act next, but sometimes you’ll know who won’t act anymore this turn : one or more players… or the beast, which will temporarily free you from this threat. Then, instead of shufflind your discard, you’ll only flip it. This means you can program your combos provided you cautiously do your purchases and the use of your spells. Lastly, no spell is instantly cast : you’ll always have to prepare it on breaches, magical portals leading to the dimension of nemesis. According to whether a breach is open or not, you’ll be able to keep your spell for many turns, or will have to launch it on your next turn. So, the more open breaches you have, the more you can master your strategy.


With 4 nemesis, 8 mages, dozen of different cards to always play different games, a raising, customizable and real difficulty, and his solo mode, Aeon’s End has what it takes to keep you entertained for numerous gaming nights ! Be prepared for the challenge !


Aeon's End is a 1 to 4 players game, for 90 minutes of hard fight !


Enjoy your sunny and ludically summer !