June news are there !

12 Jun 2018

Matagot, it's wide range a game for all players, and June will certainly play his part !

In our Expert category, Alien Artifacts will be the first one to land ! Alien Artifacts, it's 4X (eXploration, eXploitation, eXpanse and eXterminate) in a single boardgame, in a world where the discovery of Alien Artifacts has jostled the very equilibrium of the whole galaxy and accelerated his evolution. As the leader of one the factions of the game, you'll have to make your way between business, researches and raw battles, through a cardgame easy to understand but hard to master ! From 2 to 5 players in nearly 60 minutes, be prepared to see those artefacts turn your game sessions upside down !


Finally, Inis will make his great comeback in an even nicer suit. An opportunity to discover or get back to this witty territory conquest game, in which alliances are made and undone over and over, in a background of celtic legends, with brand new and improved desing.


In our Family catégory, Bruno Faidutti brings to you his new game and offers you the opportunity to be a dragon, no less !

Dragons will put you in the scales of this mythical monster, greedy but alas hungry too... In this game from 3 to 6 players in 30 minutes, you'll have to collect the bigger and most shiny treasure, but be careful not to forget to eat, because even dragons don't eat gold ! Forget this simple rule, and it will be game over for you !