Matagot news for July !

27 Jun 2018

Matagot, it's a wide range of game for all kind of players, and July will be there to confirm it !

In our Gateway category, a monument reaches our catalog, since Sagrada becomes available in french version ! In this 2 to 4 players games (40 minutes), you'll be an artist meant to realize the most wonderful stained-glass window ever for the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona. In order to do this, you'll have to use dice by arranging them according to their colors and valours, all players picking dices from the same initial throw. Be opportunistic et foreseeing, because should you place two dices of same valour or same color next one to another, things will worsen for you...

It's up to you to fulfill general objectives, known of all players... and those you'll be the only one knowing about, to score maximum points et be crowned best artist !


Room 25 is back in da game baby ! And he's back in perfect shape with the VIP add-on ! Room 25 it's reality show you'll die for... Or because of ! 

You're locked in a structure full of deadly traps, and you'll have to cooperate to get out... Except if a contestant is in fact an employee of the producers only here to "help" you to die...


VIP Add-on adds the Very Important Prisoner, one of the prisoner doomed to move each and every turn, one way or another, and who don't program his actions. A fascinating character to spice up your games !

And the box will also include 5 new rooms, which makes Room 25 VIP the perfect add on to this already classical.


Is it not enough ? Then you'll be able to purchase Room 25 Ultimate, the box including season 1 and 2 (except Escape) and clear rules !


See you in August !