Micropolis, an article by Monsieur Guillaume

02 Nov 2017

The next game of Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevallier, Micropolis, will be available in proto version in Orléans Play the weekend of August 2nd and 3rd. Mr. Guillaume tells us about Trictrac. For the full report with more photos here: Micropolis: Bruno and Charles in 1001 legs!

Micropolis is his name, can be played from 2 to 6 players and each of these players, will receive, in addition to the heart of his future anthill, some ant soldieries (see below the cute figurines that Matagot, true to him- even, we concocted ... and they will be red, rather than green, normally!)

Subsequently and in an ultra-simple way, the players will chain 10 turns to acquire, according to the order of the turn, conditioned at each turn, a "slice" of anthill that will have to be posed by adjacent to existing.

The tiles are full of galleries, inhabited by various ants, all worth one point of victory in the end and roles that are just as good. There may be barracks to fill with soldiers who bring in points but empty your nerve center; Queens who, if they are alone in the gallery, improve their galleries; Nannies who bring you extra soldiers; Generals who can manage your soldiers between headquarters and barracks; Architects to take a tile anywhere for free; Warriors to puncture a soldier at the first player; And finally Fruits, more or less rare, which, in a collection of different fruits in a gallery, will bring back more and more points (with of course, a notion of rarity among the fruits). Add the 5 points to the player at the biggest army at the end of the game, and after a quick count, you get the best anthills.

If you want to feel the underground realm, Micropolis will be, among others, Orleans Play this weekend. Note that it is still evolving on some points, with illustrations myrméco-Greek Camille Chaussy.

For the full article with more images, here it is: Bruno and Charles in 1001 legs!