About Matagot


"Our games have a soul"

A French company

The fable of the Matagot comes from French folklore that says this extraordinary cat, if captured, brought home and cared for, will reward its caretaker each morning with a Golden Louis (a gold coin) in the trunk where the cat rests.

Matagot Editions was founded in 2005 by Hicham Ayoub Bedran with the publication of the role-playing games Cendres and Te Deum for a Massacre, before embarking on the creation of board games. Soon after Hicham was joined by Arnaud Charpentier. The two partners have very different proficiencies. Hicham originally came from the world of publishing and had already taken on the role of editor, focusing on editorial content, developing and manufacturing. Arnaud, meanwhile, was trained in management and finance. Both shared a passion for gaming.

From Small Office to Large Premises

Matagot started as a very small company with our office occupying a basement. We started 2006 with the publication our first two board games, Expedition Altiplano and Tomahawk. Both games were specifically designed to engage two players. Later in this same year, the big box game Khronos, inaugurates the EXPERT Range of their catalog with its solid brain burning mechanics. The game's success encouraged us and established our pursuit of quality components for all games going forward. Matagot also starts the novel practice, at the time, of communicating directly to the gaming community with teasers and information on many board gaming sites dedicated to the hobby. Games promoted this way included Utopia and Giants.
Matagot works closely with renowned authors and is rapidly becoming a prominent name in the industry. Cyclades, designed by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc and released in 2009,  remains a hit in our EXPERT Range to this day with many expansions created following the game's publication. Dice Town, also designed by Bruno Cathala and Ludovic Maublanc and released in 2009, delivers a different kind of fun with its entertaining Western theme.
In 2011 Matagot expanded beyond the gamer/specialist domain with the success of the very popular Takenoko, designed by Antoine Bauza. With more than 300,000 copies of the game sold and co-published with Bombyx Editions. Takenoko increased the scope of our catalog to include many family-oriented titles.
What once was a small business with no full-time employees, Matagot has evolved. We have always been surrounded by passionate gaming enthusiasts and we distinguish ourselves with varied lines of communication, creation, and logistics.
Recently, in 2017, we moved into new premises in Paris where the team is working on the creation of your next favorite game. Returning to its origins, the company is once again established in a basement, but a finished basement with plenty of space for growth!

Editorial slant

At Matagot editions, we distinguish our activities in two branches, namely the Matagot creations
and the game locations. 
The editorial line of Matagot is fundamentally "Board Games for Everyone". In view of the growing demand and the diversification of our activities, we have established high expectations concerning the quality of gaming our mechanisms, translations, but also the quality of production for game components, in order to offer a unique experience.

Matagot also emphasizes the aesthetic beauty of our games with many world class illustrators including specialists from the world of board games to make each production a true visual treat.
We are committed to introducing fascinatingnew games, with news released every month. Proud of the numerous nominations and awards we have received various events and publications in the entertainment world, Matagot pursues our desire for excellence. Developing and maintaining a close connection with our fans is paramount, always with a touch of adventure.


The Matagot catalog is now divided into 5 distinct categories that allow our partners and players to find
their way around an extremely wide range of choices:

This category, reserved for players 14 years and up, lists games for lovers of elaborate mechanics and
complex games. The requirement for graphics is strong, and the boxes are large in size with a lot of high quality components.
Highlights: Inis, Cyclades, Kemet, Scythe, Captain Sonar, Charterstone

This category includes games to play with friends, with a certain strategy and fun.
HIghlights: Room 25, Dice Town, Okanagan, Barony, Istanbul

This category offers games accessible to large groups of players of all ages. They are fun, with rich
illustrations, and enjoyable to the whole family.
HIghlights: Meeple Circus, Takenoko, Pagoda, Cappuccino, Ultimate Warriorz, River Dragons

These are games for children ranging from 3 to 7 years, have a playful aim and offers often
wooden components with beautiful illustrations.
Highlights: The Masked Ladybug Ball, Piratissimo, Mmm!, Viva Topo!, Hop Hop Rabbits!

Highlights: Te Deum pour un Massacre, Ecryme, D-Start, Metal Adventures


Our partners

Over the years, Matagot has forged strong links with its partners; including international publishers,
who have trusted us to adapt their games through quality localization, and distributors:

Pegasus Spiele
Huch & Friends
Aporta Games