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    This extension allows the use of figurines from Kemet in Cyclades and Cyclades figurines in Kemet. Mummy, Sphinx, Phoenix, Scorpion, Beetle, Wurm and the Elephant, join the Greek creatures to strengthen your troops. These Egyptian reinforcements have their own operation and add new management opportunities for your armies.

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    GERMAN edition The law of the jungle is that "might makes right" This subtle and elegant game comes to us from China. Jungle is a game of balance between opposite and complementary forces : strength and movement. Will you learn paths astutely and become a true master of the jungle ?

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    Legends in Brittany claim that a cauldron full of gold appears at the foot of each rainbow, and that tribes of Korrigans (like the leprechauns) are competing to be the first to find it.

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    Trade with foreign merchants at the Port of Memphis to buy ever more original and rare gifts to please the queen Nefertiti, and ensure you a prominent place in the palace of ’Akhet-Aten. New characters, a new market (the port of Memphis), a new type of gifts, additional pawns ... this expansion for the game NEFERTITI greatly enriches the game, allowing 2...

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    Be witness to the birth of humanityIn Origin, live the greatest adventure of all time : Mankind’s expansion. Starting in africa, the world ’s cradle, explore the entire planet, improve your knowledge and progress on the evolution scale. Score the highest number of points by completing objectives, hunting, controlling straits or developing knowledge....

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    Here is the version of Takenoko Collector Chibis To play with the collector version of Takenoko the basic game

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    This is the giant version of the famous TAKENOKO

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    FRENCH VERSION...NO TEXT IN THE GAME  It’s time for the great Tribal Rumble! This ritual battle takes place in the sacred arena and the best Warriorz from all the different tribes, clans and races are gathered.

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