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    Santa Maria is a streamlined, medium...

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    Consumption Extra Helpings is comprised of all the stretch goals that were unlocked during the initial funding campaign for Consumption : Food and choices. Adding additional recipes and 4 unique modules to enhance the core game, Extra Helpings is sure to keep bringing you back to the table. Consumption : Food and choices base game is required to use...

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    Add a new diet challenge to your game. The Picky Eater expansion adds another player board and dietary restrictions for you to navigate on the road to good health.

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    Make your copy of Consumption even more delicious to the eyes with this wooden upgrade pack. This pack allows you to replace all of the cardboard food tiles in the base game with wooden versions. Wooden Tile Upgrade Pack 451 Wooden tokens Sticker sheets   *Warning* Do not try to eat the tiles. No matter how delicious they may look.

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    As with all things in life, food and health are about balance. Since no two people are the same, different diets meet different needs. With a little help and enough determination, your goals are well within reach.

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