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x1 The Volcano & The Beaver Dam Special Action The Volcano and the Beaver Dam are two Special territory tiles with the following rules:

• Their sides can be connected to any type of territory.

• The side of a Territory tile is considered as closed when it is adjacent to the Volcano tile or the Beaver Dam tile.

• When a player plays the Volcano or the Beaver Dam tile, instead of building a structure on it, the player must discard one of his available structures from his inventory.

When a player plays the Beaver Dam, he immediately receives one Reward token of his choice.

When a player plays the Volcano, he immediately chooses one special action from the draw pile and applies its effect. The Volcano The Beaver Dam x1

This special action allows you to exchange two structures of the same type belonging to two different players. During the exchange, you must follow these rules:

• Structures must already be in play.

• The structures that are exchanged must be placed in the same position on the tile as the structure they replace.

Note: If this structure exchange modifies the influence of the players in the territory that has just been closed, players must recalculate their points of influence before collecting the rewards.


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OKANAGAN promo tiles

OKANAGAN promo tiles

 OKANAGAN  goodies